Shop Customize
Go to Appearance > Customize > Wooler Settings > Product/Shop > Shop

1. Shop Layout

Wooler provided these single product layouts
  • Shop with sidebar
  • Filter toggle on top
  • Filter canvas
  • Shop with category on top
  • Popular Category

2. Heading

  • Theme: set Light or Dark to change heading color by theme, background color.
  • Background Color: set background color for heading
  • Background Image: set background image for heading
  • Background Overlay Color: set background overlay color for heading. You can set opacity 0 - rgba(0,0,0,0) to turn off
  • Min Height: set minimum height for heading

3. Animation

Set animation for product item display effect
  • None:
  • FadeIn: fade-in animation
  • FadeInUp: fade-in then up animation
  • ZoomIn: zoom in animation