Product Customize

1. Single Product Layouts

Go to Appearance > Customize > Wooler Settings > Product/Shop > Product Settings then choose Single Product Layout
For example - Boxed Style
Wooler provided these single product layouts
  • Classic
  • Boxed
  • No Padding
  • With Sidebar
  • Modern
  • Modern 2
This setting apply for ALL product which product layout is default
When creating a new product, the layout is set to default layout. To set up a specific layout for a specific product, edit it in Edit product or Wooler Option
For example, layout of all products are Boxed while only item A have layout With Sidebar
Product Layout in Wooler Options
Product Layout in Edit Product

2. Trusted Badge Text

This section is shown at Single Product Page, Cart, mini Cart and Checkout Page
Prebuilt template with this image
100% Secure Checkout With:
<img class="alignnone wp-image-9565" src="IMAGEURL" alt="" width="350" height="46" />

3. Variation Swatches

Instead of default WooCommerce layout, Wooler have a new design for Variation
These variation can be colorpicker or image or label
Turn this function on to use Wooler design
Variation Swatches - Colorpicker

4. Add to cart sticky

Set ON to enable stick "Add to Cart" button on the product page.
When enabled, you can set position TOP or BOTTOM

5. Guest Viewing Product

Set ON to enable and show this on the product page. For example, 27 guests are viewing this product
  • Refresh Time (minutes): count again every X minutes
  • Enable Fake View: set ON to display a random number of guests
Number of Guests Viewing

6. Availability Bar

Set ON to show stock quantity as a progress bar on the product page. This bar illustrate for the text "Only x left in stock"
Availability Bar
To show this, your product must enable stock management at the product level and the inventory is lower than the low stock threshold
  • Enable manage stock: with a simple product, it's on the Inventory tab. With a variable product, it's on each variation of the Variations tab
  • Have stock quantity from 1 to 100
  • Set Low stock threshold higher than stock quantity
Set for Simle Product
Set for Variable Product