Update Wooler
Perform a backup of your website database and server files before you attempt to do any updates.
The update won't cause any data loss! All of your content and theme settings are preserved. The only exception is if you have made edits to the original theme files. These changes should have been made through a child theme.
There are three ways to update Wooler. We recommend you run automatic update
  • Automatic Update through WP Admin Dashboard
  • Manual Update through WPAdmin
  • Manual Update through File Transfer Protocol(FTP)

1. Automatic Update

Navigate to WP Admin Dashboard > Updates, scroll down, select the Wooler theme upgrade, and press 'Update Themes'.
Or you can navigate to Appearance > Themes > Wooler then click Update
Clear all cached(if have) after update!
Theme Update
Your website must be activated with a valid Wooler purchase code in order to get updated

2. Manual Update

Go to Themeforest and download Wooler's latest version in zip file

2.1. Via WPAdmin

Just install Wooler as a new theme
  • Navigate to WPAdmin > Appearance > Themes
  • Click to Add New > Upload Theme
  • Click Choose File then select wooler.zip in your computer to Install Now
Install Theme
  • Select Replace Current with Uploaded
Replace Current with Uploaded
This notice means you have updated Wooler successfully
Installing theme from uploaded file: wooler.zip
Unpacking the package…
Updating the theme…
Removing the old version of the theme…
Theme updated successfully.
Theme updated successfully.

2.2. Via FTP

  • Unzip the zip file which you have downloaded.
  • Access your website file on server via FTP software or FileManager Hosting Panel
  • Navigate to wp-content/themes folder and delete/rename the old wooler folder on the server
  • Upload the new one. Make sure the uploaded folder is named 'wooler' and the old folder is not
Correct theme directory: wp-content/themes/wooler