Install Wooler Theme
First of all, thank you for choosing Wooler!

1. Download Wooler

When you purchase Wooler from ThemeForest, you can download all files via the download tab on your ThemeForest account. You can choose to download All Files & Documentation or the Installable WordPress File Only.
  • Log into your ThemeForest account.
  • Navigate to the Download tab.
  • Find Wooler purchase and click on the Download button.
Upon clicking the Download button you will see four options:
  • All files & documentation: a large ZIP package including : Wooler, Wooler child-theme and documentation
  • Installable WordPress files only: a ready-to-install file with Wooler. It does not need to be unzipped like the package above.
  • License certificate & purchase code (PDF): file contains purchase code(license key) which is used to register in the Wooler dashboard.
  • License certificate & purchase code (text)
Choose from All Files & Documentation or Installable WordPress File Only.
These files are included in the theme package (All files & documentation)
  • - Contains the code to install in Theme
  • - A child theme allows you to change small aspects of your site’s appearance yet still preserve your theme’s look and functionality
  • - Contains plugins that are bundled with the theme for Wooler. It's required to install these plugins before activating the theme
  • changelog.txt - The file stores the history of theme updates.
  • READ ME FIRST.rtf - Introduction about our Theme and our Support system including helpful links.

2. Install Wooler

There are two ways to upload & install Wooler theme into the WordPress site:
  • Via WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Via File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
The most recommended way is uploading via WP Admin Dashboard. However, sometimes there may be limitations for files uploaded so you can process via FTP

2.1. Via WPAdmin Dashboard

  • Access WordPress Admin Dashboard by your admin account
  • Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New
Add New Theme
Click Upload Theme and select the installable Wooler file( Then click Install Now
Upload Theme
Once the theme is uploaded, activate it in Appearance > Themes.
Activate Wooler

2.2. Via FTP

  • Log into your hosting/server via your FTP software (FileZilla, WinSCP,…) or FileManager in Hosting Panel
  • Unzip the file and
  • Upload ONLY this extracted Wooler folder into wp-content/themes/ folder and wait until upload is complete
Upload via FTP
Once the upload is complete, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Themes and activate Wooler.